Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Relevance in an Irrelevant World

Nonconformity and apathy can lead one to perpetual loneliness while laughing in the darkness of night. My mind is filled with the non-concerns of people who submit to the hierarchy and innocuous untruths of the mass media state. These baboons use guerrilla tactics on occasions in their attempts to sway my determination to not follow, but to lead my self and my world into a future misbegotten and unbeholden to anyone, anything, or any corporate entity.

The anarchist heart pounding in my chest skips a beat every few hours, bringing forth a new surge of agony as the breath catches in my throat and my mind is awakened, refreshed, and alerted to every sound, vision, odor, and desire around me.

The concept of "common sense" is an uncommon presupposition by inexperienced imbeciles who hold to their only known worldview as the sole probability in the infinite complexity of societal norms and cultural tradition. Thus conflict arises when two "common sense" variables clash. Bring on the WAR!

Wild unpredictable infinities rest upon the ether: unseen, unheard, unknown, until a device which may decry the attitudes and glamour of the cyber spaces between you and me without limits of branding or pricing nor requirement for survival in this tech-savvy age.

Authorship and copyright are becoming more meaningless to the viewer, listener, reader, or consumer of the creations of the creatures who find some form of conflict, anguish, or desire within themselves to express all that they may in the way they find most suitable to their lifestyle.

Data being as it is not, thusly unimportant and overpriced, one can only submit to the lash which drives us all to painful souls and soles as we stomp our way through the contradictions of life. Relevance in such a world of digital stratego results more often in finding a bomb than capturing the flag.

The confidence of my disciplined mind leads to confusion for those who have been deprived of proper intellect due to impoverished coffers and unsatisfactory funding of the education system. Privatization benefits only the wealthy and drives the poor over the cliff of impertinent obsolescence.

In the darkness, I sit here laughing at you as you drift your retinal gaze across the electron light before you on that screen so bright. In darkness, I find myself laughing at the inevitability of living in an irrelevant world of misfits and outcasts who only wish to be part of the common sense world, when normality has been raped away from us without a care at the blood lost.

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