Thursday, February 2, 2012

Irrelevance in a Political World

With resolute determination of the density on which I find my destiny, the fading hopes are dashed against the changes which never took place on the level they were anticipated. In the darkness, I laugh again as my pointless yammerings are received here and now by your brain which may or may not interpret all that I write and say as decipherable.

Alas, nothing much comes to my brain of late which aches for inspirational instigation into actionary motivation. Inept though I may seem, irrevocably authoritative in my vocabulary. Mental though I may be, if you comprehend the least of these meaningless voids devoid of purpose, then you too can carry the inception of hopelessness within your mind.

Comforting warmth encompasses my soul and I am cheered by the night as it wraps me afghan style while in Afghanistan piles of bodies litter the sandy shores of the desert, hidden in the shadows of the moonlit hillsides. A threat from and of the North has become meaningless to the ardent generations who wander and wonder around the meanings of all the hatred for those who hold true to their beliefs.

The teacher screams his thoughts aloud to an empty classroom in a silent school, devoid of educational funding. In the distance, clusters of insecure children huddle around a sole desk like petals to a flower, as in the heat and odors of their hormonal bodies they shuffle their feet in hopes that some day soon they may be allowed to have a seat of their own in this one-hundred-to-one student to teacher rationing.

Wealthy children hide their privates in their private schools as their parents shell out a pittance of their incomes - such pittance as would open an entire district of educational possibilities if spent instead on public good. However greedy they may be, they see no value in performing such public citizenship duties as sharing what enormous wealth they shovel off the outskirts of the continent of investments with those who need a mere splinter of such interest.

And so a man who has destroyed countless lives, untold quantities of homes, and the possibility of a whiff of a future for millions of children, parents, and hospitalized victims, wishes to hold in his hand the reigns of power. Be he glove or mitten, his snow covered temples hide behind them the millions of dollars of wealth he robbed from those who could not afford to lose a single half-cent from their pay, much less their entire purpose of employment. Let him spout his attitudes and lie his falsehoods and watch the nation crumble as he guides his muck-muck pals into ever-more liberated chaos, while they all trample beneath their over-priced leather-shod feet the ruins of what could have been.

NO! Let instead the nation thrive and stay alive as control is restored, purpose granted, funding ripped from the greedy maws of militant zealots and flushed into the collapsed veins of this society. Take heed, Nottingham, for we are Robin Hood and our time has come to take from your coffers to feed our hearts, minds, souls, and moths with a future you wish only to ignore and pollute. 

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