Sunday, February 10, 2013

Political Suicide in an Indebted World

Deprivation of living, liberation, and pursuing happiness becomes a plague of debt and greed in this world of need and wretched betting against the odds which are rigged in the favor of the House, a desolate place of rules filled with parasite-infested sellouts who seek only their own comfort and speak only the puppeted words of their lobbying masters.

Corporate identity is the only humanity remaining in this nation of lies and soundbites.

I stand aloft, my jaw unhinged at the flabbergastedness of audacious ineptitude beholden to the Congress.

None shall find their way without a light to shine a path through the dark trenches of stalagmite-ridden teeth within a mouth so overfilled with sewage as to terrify even the Mario Brothers from seeking out the Peach once more. The reek of sellouts makes us all gag as we are tethered to the chair with steel cables and no way of escape from the confines of our cells.

Apathy and hopeless dedication to blind faith makes what should be a simple logical conclusion explode into nearly a decade of inactivity and reverse progress. During this second term, we must capitalize on our losses and double down on our future in order to escape the fate foretold by the gun-wielding pro-life fanatics who only wish to kill life while profiting from their prophecies by suppressing those who have been stomped into sludge and scraped off on the edge of a ravine so deep that we fall without chance of recovery.

Solutions and revolutions must be heralds to our revolt as we peaceably assemble and make known how indigent our souls have become, as impoverished as the soles of our ragged shoes. Wading through the troughs of destitute loss and indebted costs may drown us in our own underemployed status. 

I know this for the fact of my own situation, which has become ever-more trying as I am dying from anxiety at how little remains when all is settled, while ignoring that most insane and inane of ringing phone calls from greedy executives who demand I pay them with money that will never exist.

The hopes and dreams of a life born, unborn, lived, unlived, astonishes my unastonished mind in a never-ending loop of bi-weekly labours lost to the exhaustion of depressing thoughts which bog me down with terror in the night at the lucid dreams of debt collected.

Politicians speak the words as puppets to their corporate, war-mongering, wall-street masters, all guilty and none free of the chains of bribe, they hide their second face from us until it sneers its way into the spotlight of night and sets in motion an inevitable desolation of the nation which could really use a helping hand right about now.

As all Americans are indebted to the banks and educational loans which enslave us for life, we must strive to find a path through the empty factories, the abandoned facades wherein once the jobs surged forth, ever-seeking employees with education enough to perform; we find ourselves stranded on these islands seeking comfort and company, but only waking to find ourselves starving, parched, and deprived of any chance of rescue.

To fight our way out of this mess, we must abolish the liberties and counter-qua which has been the status-quo since Ronald McDonald Reagan handed our fate over to the greedy CEO's who have never NOT given themselves raises and bonuses, just because they could, even if it meant the dissolution and liquidation of their very means of support.

Focus must be returned to our nation of desolation and bring back the chance to live prosperous, become liberated from our indentured servitude to corporatocratic conservatism, and pursue a chance at pleasure and happiness before we all die under the lash of collection agencies, who come knocking on our door, ringing on our phone, and telling us there is no way out of this mess.

We must find a way out. 

The escape hatch was sealed and our keys stolen, melted down, and sold to Chinese slave labor in order to provide the corporate muck-mucks with even more bonus money, which they then swindle away into off-shore bank accounts and pay exorbitant fees which far exceed what they would pay in taxes if they had kept the monies here, in the States.

Our way out is complete revampment of every aspect of our world. We must UNprivatize education, we must liberate the public from debt and need. We must control the costs of the domestic while taxing the ticket on the foreign in order to compete. In these ways, we follow a successful strategy embraced by dozens of countries wherein the people are capable of becoming more than indentured slaves serving the banks and bills of their cost of living.

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